Three years ago, Tim Jett, owner, and president, began the FEED THE COPS event during the height of the pandemic. He had been traveling when he heard a news story about cops being poisoned and harassed at a diner, then and there he made the decision he was going to feed all the cops in Shreveport and Bossier City. 

                    “During these disturbing times, I would like us to take a breath and show our appreciation for all that our police force does daily for us. We can’t                               imagine the difficulty of walking in their shoes every day. Their jobs are dangerous enough without a very contagious virus to worry who might infect                        them. I’m here to just say thank you for keeping us safe,” said Tim Jett.

We are proud to announce the third annual FEED THE COPS was a huge success! We served over 400 police officers at four locations in the Shreveport/Bossier area. Jett Business Systems and friends served: 94lbs of ribs, 75lbs of brisket, 31lbs of sausage, 9lbs of turkey, 284 wings, 28lbs of beans, 18lbs coleslaw, and 32lbs of jambalaya. All the officers and employees were thrilled to have a meal on us and were appreciative that we took the time and effort as way to show our gratitude and solidarity. 

We had great support from our local barbeque restaurants, with generous discounts, cash donations from Brookshires and Eagle Distributing for water and drinks.  We also had cash donations contributed by individual friends of Jett Business Systems.

FEED THE COPS has become an annual event for Jett Business Systems and is growing more each year. Tim Jett’s dream would be to July 1st as National FEED THE COPS Day.