An Access Control System Can Protect Your Business

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With employees coming and going, you want to make sure your products and proprietary information are secure. Introducing access control systems from Jett Business Systems, Inc. Our team in Shreveport, LA can set up a professional ID card-based system to grant authorized personnel - and only authorized personnel - access to your business facility. You can hire us for ID badge printing services, generating individual identification for each of your employees.

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Many businesses can benefit from ID-controlled access

Many businesses can benefit from ID-controlled access

Securing your business is easy with professional ID badge printing services. Once we generate cards for your employees, you can dictate who has access to which areas.

Consider investing in an access control system if...

  • You operate a large office building with a large staff.
  • You're managing key card access for a college campus.
  • You want to reserve rooms in your warehouse for exclusive access.
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What is Access Control?

What is Access Control?

Access control is a security platform that allows businesses to restrict access to locations in and around a business' property. It improves efficiency for site and building management.

Access control falls under two categories: physical or logical. For physical access control, it eliminates the use of old fashion keys with technology cards that can be used for identification purposes as well. Keys can be passed to multiple individuals, and if lost, the re-keying of multiple locks can be time-consuming and expensive.

Switching to an electronic system allows for increased control and security. It gives businesses the control to allow who has access to what, which doors they have access to, and under which conditions they are allowed access. These parameters can be quickly and easily updated with
the touch of a button.

Logistical access control allows for the management of a business' internal computer networks and data. It uses a variety of methods for letting employees or customers verify who they say they are. Passwords, PIN Numbers, fingerprints, and secondary codes are all ways we can use sophisticated software to authorize access to computer network connections, system files, and data. All-access control systems have five key components: authentication,
authorization, access, management, and audit. To learn more about what access control can do for you, call Jett Business Systems at (318)424-9542 or email