Is Your Mail Prep Costing You Money?

There may be gaps in your prep process that can be costly. According to market research from the IDC, companies lose 20-30% in revenue every year due to inefficiencies. With the right tools you can spend less time on mail and get you paid faster. Most often money can be saved within those tedious, manual tasks that many people do not even think twice about. A good mailing process can not only help you get paid faster but can also help you improve relationships with your customers.


Before you prepare another invoice, statement or notice answer these 8 questions. It could save you time and money!


  1. Are you paying full price for postage?

Using a postage meter will save you 9% on each piece of mail.


  1. Are you manually prepping your mail?

If you are still grouping, sorting, folding, and stuffing by hand, you are probably wasting time and resources. You can save with a folder inserter.


  1. Do you shop for the best rates on Priority Mail?

You can save up to 40% when you use shipping software to select the lowest cost.


  1. How do you protect your customers’ data?

To protect customers’ personal identifiable information and avoid costly fines by preparing mail securely by using barcodes.


  1. Are you paying retail rates for certified mail?

You can send Certified Mail with Return Receipt online and save up to 43%, with the benefit of tracking and storage.


  1. Do you need to get invoices paid faster?

You are 1.5x more likely to get paid if you send an invoice the day you complete service. Mail Management Software speeds up mail prep.


  1. Is your mail ever late or returned as undeliverable?

The real cost of late or returned mail can be as much as $25-$50 per mail piece which can be reduced or eliminated completely with address correction software.


  1. Do you presort your mail by zip code?

It is easy to presort your mail by ZIP+4 using mail management software. Doing so will add automation to your process and qualify you for deep discounts on your postage.